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Emma Hockley’s work fuses elements from religious traditions, personal photographs, nature and topical media images to address existential dilemmas whilst appropriating styles and influences from both her formal art education as well as her many travels.

Dissatisfaction and considerations of whether this life has meaning, purpose or value are core to her inspiration. Isolation, insecurity, peace, retreat and a shattered sense of reality are all common themes. The image juxtapositions together with her celebration of paint application techniques reflect her hectic and often contradictory states of mind, whilst highlighting the humour that can be found there. 

Emma’s interaction with her paintings is a physical process. From scraping and burning to stitching and sanding, her quest to find the desired multi sensory surface is reflective of her inner battles to find comfort and happiness. 

Emma has no rigidity in her painting process, instead allowing her work to respond to her environment and current self-analysis in an attempt to keep each piece honest and personal. 


The abstract works are more spontaneous, born from her passion for texture and what she finds to be the meditative act of painting. These generally single-colour pieces work as a breathing space from the energy of the busier, more image-packed paintings. The watercolours similarly contrast with the oil works, with her inspiration coming from sublime or retreat like places.


solo exhibitions

2021 The Retreat's End, Waterperry House Orangery, Oxford, UK

2016 Mind in Flux, The North Wall Gallery, Oxford, UK

2015 When reason falters..., Gracelands, London, UK

2013 Extreme Peace, Acme Studios, London, UK

2010 Brain on Fire, The Old Fire Station, Hammersmith, London, UK

2007 Arctic Reds, Hepsibah Gallery, London, UK

2005 I Infection, The Design Space, London, UK


group shows

2019 Activating Our Archives, Modern Art Oxford, UK

2015 The Oxford Art Prize, O3 Gallery, Oxford, UK

2013 Blunt Edge, Cairns Regional Gallery, Cairns, AU

2011-13 Art in Action, Waterperry, Oxfordshire, UK

2012 Into the Now, School of Economic Science, London, UK

2011 Recent Creations, St Oswald’s Studios, London, UK

2009 Kube Gallery, Dorset, UK

2007 Art in Action, Waterperry, Oxfordshire, UK

2006 …By Association, Lauderdale House, London, UK

2006 Ravenous Fish and Tasty Plankton, The Empire Gallery, London, UK



2015 Oxford Art Prize Winner, O3 Gallery, Oxford, UK

2013 Painting Commission and Workshop Leader, Nightingale Care Home, London, UK

2009-11 18 month residency at Henrietta Barnett School, London, UK

2003 Phillip Conard Travel Award Winner

2001 Foundation Prize for Painting from the Worshipful Co. of Painter Stainers



2010 Art of Exile, House of Commons, London, UK

2009 Art of Exile, Jamyang Buddhist Centre, London

2006 Tola Wewe, Coningsby Gallery, London, UK

2004 Sense – the art auction, The Dragon Bar Gallery, London, UK


projects/ teaching

2017-present Lead Hub Artist, Creative Homes, London, UK

2016-present Freelance Educator, London Transport Museum, London, UK

2016-2017 Workshop Leader, The Mall Galleries, London, UK

2016 Life Drawing Teacher, I Made It Myself, London, UK

2008-15 Workshop Leader, The Fleming Collection, London, UK

2014 Life Drawing Teacher, Mini Picassos, London, UK

2014 Workshop Leader, Street Poppy, HK

2011 Children's Workshop Leader, The Foundling Museum, London, UK

2009-10 Family Workshop Leader, Somerset House, London, UK

2009-10 Illustrated ‘Benjamin Writer Messy’ and ‘Jake Monkey Tail’

2009 Workshop Leader, Larmer Tree Festival, Dorset, UK

2007 Workshop Leader, Truck Festival, Oxford, UK

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